How to select a designer

Useful tips on how to select your designer

Selecting your building designer is pretty much like selecting any of the professionals that are part of your life.

The design is probably the most important part of the building project that you are about to embark on. Selecting the right designer may be the key to achieving a successful building project.


The first consideration is to find someone with whom you can easily communicate, who listens to you and who will offer constructive advice which enhances what you have in mind.


Of course, it is also important to choose a designer who has the requisite skills and knowledge to complete the project.


  • Selecting someone who is recommended to you by friends who have had a positive experience and are a member of the Building Designers Association.
  • Choosing a Building Designers Association member ensures that your designer will be kept up to date with all the latest information and products and is encouraged to offer quality service and good design.

Builders, construction companies, developers, project managers & the general public, use building designers to design their buildings and prepare all of the necessary working drawings and documentation needed for approval and construction.

Contact a BDANT Member today

LOCATION: Cullen Bay 0820
Life Member: John Berryman (Group 1 Consulting)
Phone: 08 8981 0941

LOCATION: Winnellie 0821
Life Member: Chris Renehan (Moonbeam Designs)
Phone: (08)  89 475411

 LOCATION: Rosebery 0832
Life Member: Eddie Zajc (Northern Building Designs) – Drafting & Certified Energy Assessment Service
Phone: 0418 800 403

LOCATION: Stuart Park 0820
Pam Martin (Draftlink)
Phone: 0413 833 843

LOCATION: Winnellie 0821
Darron Lyons (The Red Shed NT)
Phone: 0418 686 788 

LOCATION: Lyons 0810
Wahyu Dewanto (NTDe Pty Ltd.)
Phone: 08 8945 2100

LOCATION: Millner 0810
Anthea Wells-Corner (Dancing Dragon Design)
 Phone: 0407 265 781

 LOCATION: Yarrawonga 0830
Jaya Koirala (Royal Engineering)
Phone: 0400 533 167

 LOCATION: Woolner 0800
Wayne Gabbert (Gabbert Design)
Phone: 0439 333 776

LOCATION: Katherine 0850
Jason Hillier (Nordraft) – Drafting & Certified Energy Assessment Service
Phone: 08 8971 3000

LOCATION: Yarrawonga 0830
Kamal Shrestha (Accurate Energy Rating in Housing & Drafting)
 Phone: 08 8983 3956

LOCATION: Humpty Doo 0836
Carol Ralph (Carol’s Drafting Services)
Phone: 0412 720 530

LOCATION: Malak 0812
Louise Andrew ( Lou’s Design & Drafting)
Phone:  0437 241 576

LOCATION: Casuarina 0810
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