About the BDANT

The Building Designers Association of The Northern Territory (BDANT) has a dynamic, innovative, progressive group of members who are always looking for new products and opportunities to learn. This means that, when you use a BDANT member, there is a great chance that your project will incorporate the very latest technology and meet all the building code and other regulation requirements.

Builders, construction companies, developers, project managers & the general public, use building designers to design their buildings and prepare all of the necessary working drawings and documentation needed for approval and construction.

Why choose a Building Designer?

Client Satisfaction

The aim of our members is to have satisfied clients whose criteria have been met in every respect. This goal is generally achieved as evidenced by the number of successful building designers with satisfied clients throughout the state.

Expert Designers

Whether you are planning a new building, an extension or renovation to an existing building or just raising your house, a building designer can design your project.

Work to your budget

A building designer will work with you to enhance your lifestyle or to create an efficient workplace without sacrificing the building’s visual appeal or exceeding your budget.

Practical solutions

Your building designer will work hard to determine the most cost effective, user friendly and practical solutions that not only looks good but also meet your requirements.

Designed by Building Designers

75% of Residential Dwellings  |  40% of Commercial Dwellings

Did you know that around 75% of residential and over 40% of commercial and industrial buildings in Australia are designed by building designers?

BDANT History

BDANT was birthed from a desire to network with local Building Designers, and to have a strong voice in regards to the decision making policy of local legislation.

The Association was originally formed in 1997 as a sub-branch of the Building Designers Association of South Australia. On the 1st of July 1998 the Building Designers Association of the Northern Territory Incorporated was registered in its own right.

The executive committee consisted of President John Berryman, Vice President Chris Renehan, Secretary David Bennett, and Treasurer Edward Zajc.



  • Chris Renehan 2010-2013
  • John Berryman 2008
  • Lanson Ip 2008-2010
  • Chris Renehan 2015
  • Riarna MacCarthy 2006-2008
  • Edward Zajc 2015
  • Gregg Jettner 2004-2006
  • Chris Renehan 2002-2004
  • Wayne Gabbert 2001-2002
  • John Berryman 1998-2001

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